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2018 VVMC Annual Training:

Naloxone for Law Enforcement and EMT's in Arizona

2017 VVMC Annual Training:

Ketamine Training

2016 VVMC Annual Training:

January 2016 Run Review

ACS Geriatric Trauma

March 2016 Run Review

April 2016 Run Review

July 2016 Run Review

October 2016 Run Review

2016 Run Review Attestation Form

Spectrum Crisis Response Network

2015 VVMC Annual Training:

January 2015 Run Review

April 2015 Run Review

July 2015 Run Review

July 2015 Run Review Zip File (for downloading)

October 2015 Run Review (Just a powerpoint)

Run Review Attestation Form 2015

2015 Run Review Changes

VVMC Base Station Policy on Continuing Education

VVMC Attestation Form 2015 Run Review Changes

2014 VVMC Annual Training:

Cyanokit Training Slides

Cyanokit Mixing Video

Cyanokit Administration Guide

Cyanokit Brochure

Cyanokit Training Attestation Form

Cyanokit C.E. Form

Annual Guideline and Sepsis Alert Video

Annual Guideline changes

Annual Guidelines & Sepsis Sign off Sheet

Annual Policy & Procedure Sign off Sheet

Sepsis & Guideline C.E. Form

Spinal Motion Restriction Guideline

Spinal Motion Restriction PowerPoint

Spinal Motion Restriction Video

New EPIC TBI Run Review May 2014

EMS Stoke Care Updates

Fentanyl Citrate 2014 Ampules

2013 VVMC Annual Training:

LMA 2013

Combi-Tube 2013

King Airway 2013

Fentanyl Citrate 2013

12 Lead EKG Placement

VVMC Protocol Changes 2013

VVMC Annual Skills Sheet 2013

VVMC Verification of Protocol Understanding 2013

Other Training:

Tests & Quizes


Trauma in the OB Patient

Causes of Cardiac Arrest in the Pregnant Patient

EZ-IO Power Point with Videos

Patient Refusal Power Point

Rocuronium for Interfacility Transports

Banner Samaritan Alzheimer Power Point

C.A.T. (Combat Application Tourniquet)

VVEMS C-Spine Training

Ondansetron Lecture

Advanced IV Access

Boussignac CPAP Information Sheet

Boussignac CPAP

2008 EMS CCR and More

Lang CPAP EMS Lex 8-08

VVEMS 2009 Protocol Revisions & Rationale

Pyxis Training Power Point

Pain, Anxiety and Medication Use

Pain, Anxiety and Medication Use Handout

Magnesium for Ashtma Patients